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I was born in the Bay Area and have spent my entire life living in Burlingame, currently living a mile away from the house where I grew up and that my Mother still lives in. My father, Ed, was an attorney in San Francisco who passed away in 1991 while my mother, Lana, spent most of her life working for “the phone company” through the splits and mergers that eventually became AT&T. I have two sisters and a brother and have been fortunate in recent years to have nieces and nephews added to our family.

I went to Our Lady of Angels Catholic School from Kindergarten to 8th Grade and went on Burlingame High School. I loved growing up in Burlingame and while I’ll fight the urge to get too nostalgic my childhood was filled with baseball, soccer, basketball and track teams while riding my BMX Mongoose around the mean streets of Burlingame. Stopping at the now long gone Smoke Shop on Burlingame Avenue for comic books and Bob’s Clubhouse for baseball cards I feel fortunate to have grow up in an area which I loved and afforded so many opportunities.

Growing up I also spent a great deal of time in South San Francisco with my Grandparents, Earl and Marge Appenrodt, and counted Buri Buri as a second home. Summers were spent at their house in the Guerneville and the Russian River will always be my favorite vacation destination.

Real estate has been a big part of the family long before I was born as my Grandfather Earl worked for Northern Counties Title Insurance in San Francisco and I have 3 uncles, 1 aunt and 4 cousins who are licensed real estate agents. I spent many a Sunday growing up passing out flyers for one uncle and eventually sitting on open houses when I had just started college. That said, I didn’t go straight into a real estate career.

Instead, I spent 11 years working for Community Gatepath, a non-profit that among other things assisted adults with developmental disabilities find employment. Helping others provided such a spiritual boost and I really enjoyed my time working at Gatepath, having made so many friends from my colleagues to the participants we worked with to social workers at other agencies who dedicated their lives to helping others. I also observed firsthand how badly the State of California is failing those who need help the most with budget cuts targeting those who can afford it least on an almost annual basis.

When I entered the world of real estate I began working for the Lyons Investment Group and received a quick paced education involving every facet of real estate, from marketing to transactions to good old fashioned customer service, a skill often underdeveloped in the world of real estate.

We opened up D & L Properties in 2014 and have an office right off Burlingame Avenue on Park Road. I’m fortunate to work with some great and sometimes even inspirational people with Laura Dunne, Joe Cody and Tara Burke also working out of our office.

In 2018 I opened a second office, Balboa Homes, while remaining a Broker Associate at D & L Properties.

For whatever reason, perhaps based on my professional background in the social services sector, I have much more of a focus on customer service and actually assisting our clients than many of the Realtors® I encounter. I’m a member of several organizations such as The National Association of Realtors®, The California Association of Realtors®, The San Francisco Association of Realtors®, The San Mateo Association of Realtors® and The American Civil Liberties Union.

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Balboa Homes
Balboa Homes
329 Primrose Road, #586
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